How to Get Google Calendar on Apple Watch?


Apple Watch is a revolutionary new timepiece designed to help you manage your life. It features a built-in GPS, ultra-precise Calendar, stopWatch, calculator, and more. The Google Calendar app for Apple Watch is the best Calendar app that has been released by Google. 

The Google Calendar app on Apple Watch lets you schedule in an organized way. Get alerts when your meetings or appointments start and see your upcoming events on your wrist.

As has been noted, there is no need for you to have a smartphone with you to use the Google Calendar app on your Apple Watch. You can create an account using your email address and then you will be able to access your Google Calendar from anywhere. 

However, there is no official Google Calendar app as of now for your Apple Watch. In order to receive events for your Watch, you have to sync your Google account with your Apple Watch paired with your iPhone. 

The Calendar app is the ultimate user-friendly. You just have to touch the dot that corresponds to the date you want to view. When you do this, you will immediately be taken to a detailed view of that day. 

Now you can see the entire agenda for that day. If there are any events attached to that date, the Watch will vibrate and ring so you won’t miss a beat. You can also view additional details including the location, time, and description.

Now we will let you know how to sync Google Calendar on your Apple Watch

1. Initially you have to unlock your iPhone and click the settings menu

iphone settings

2. In the settings menu, select Password & Accounts option

open iphone passwords & accounts

3. Now you will find a list of synchronized accounts displayed on the screen. In that select Add Account option.

add account

4. Then select the Google option from the add account.

Select Google to link calendar

5. A popup menu appears stating “settings wants to use to sign in”.

6. Then you have to type in email id & password in the required field and click Next.

7. Now toggle the Calendars option

Note: You can also toggle on to sync mail, contacts, and notes

calendar enabled using Toggle button

8.  That’s it, now the events created on Google Calendar will appear on your iPhone Calendar app. you will be able to see all your Google Calendar events on your iPhone Calendar app.

google calendar added

9.  Then if you make any changes to the Google Calendar app on your iPhone, that will immediately reflect on your Apple Watch. There you are, at last, you will be able to access Google Calendar on Apple Watch.


Apple Watch can help you stay organized and on top of things. With the inbuilt Google Calendar, you can access your scheduled appointments anywhere. In conclusion, by now, you should have a good idea of how to use Google Calendar with the Apple Watch.

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